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Newsy Video

On October 27th 2022, a news website called Newsy, posted a video titled “Kanye West Kicked Out of Sketcher’s Headquarters in California”. West has been spewing antisemitic remarks all over Twitter and Instagram, including a tweet from early October saying “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”. These remarks caused Adidas, who owns the rights to most Yeezy shoes, to terminate their partnership with West on October 25th. This prompted West to show up unannounced and without invitation to the Sketcher’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California on October 26th, 2022. Kanye had been filming inside the headquarters without authorization which caused him to be escorted out of the building by two Sketchers executives. It turns out that Sketchers is owned and operated by a Jewish family and therefore has stated that they have no intention or desire to work with West and do not support the problematic remarks he has made online, nor do they support anti semitism or hate speech.


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