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After reviewing multiple news sites, I’ve stumbled upon Newsy. Newsy is a news site that claims to be an improved version of large news companies that filters out the bias and unnecessary information. Their website has several news categories, documentary style news and investigation shows. When exploring this site, I noticed that Newsy formats their stories to be very straightforward, more so than other news sites.

Under their business category, they include a story titled “Adult Happy Meal Toys Selling For Thousands”, which discusses the limited edition McDonald’s toys that customers are reselling for profit. “For instance, the seller of an eBay listing for “McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys Vintage Rare Cactus Plant Flea Market. In original box and toy is unopened” is asking for $20,000. Another, offering “All 4 characters and mint box as well free shipping,” is listed for $25,000, and a third wants $300,000.95 for what appears to be three unopened toys.” This was shocking to read, as I could never see myself spending thousands of dollars on a small plastic McDonald’s toy. I’d imagine that people would want to spend that money on other things.


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