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Photo Journalism

For my photo journalism project, I’d like to base mine off of a concert I’m attending on October 12th at The Ritz in Ybor. I’m going to see The Garden with my friend Sophia, and I believe I could shoot some good photos. I’m thinking of getting some of my friend and I, as we have special makeup and outfits planned. I’d also like to get some photos of the outside of the Ritz, photos of people standing outside. The Garden is known for the jester makeup they do so I’m assuming there will be lots of people wearing jester makeup and I’d like to get some photos of them. I’d also take photos of the band on stage, people in the crowd and Sophia and I, in the crowd. I could even get some of the aftermath of the concert, photos of the venue and the crowd. I’d like to see how the makeup holds up after jumping around for hours in a large group.


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