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Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news is online news or other content that pertains to a certain town, postal code or geographically defined community. Lately, hyperlocal news have struggled to stay afloat, as many of these sites rely on ad revenue however, this being the only source of revenue is not sustainable for most sites. Luckily, some sites are funded by billionaires that support the company. Patch, for example, is a hyperlocal news source where typically one journalist will cover multiple communities in close proximity and produce several stories each day. Another site, NextDoor, is a hyperlocal news source for neighborhoods. Neighbors can post about local news, events and recommendations. NextDoor differs from Patch in that NextDoor is global, as it is available in eleven countries. The Gabber is another hyperlocal news site based in Gulfport, Florida. This site covers news, events and things to do in Gulfport, south and west St. Petersburg and Pinellas County.


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