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Interview Questions

Barely Legal Collective, or “Barely Legal” is a hip-hop group of 8 members from Tampa, Florida. 4 musicians including Kid Dre, Miguel Morales, Chowder Band$ and JØ, as well as 4 media talents including Tymain22, Devin, Danny Boy and 23themanager. I’m here with Andres Tavares, or Kid Dre to answer questions about his experience being apart of this group.

  1. “Who originally decided to create Barely Legal?”
  2. “How did you meet your fellow group members?”
  3. “What inspired you want to join Barely Legal?”
  4. “What inspired you to start making music?”
  5. “How does your family feel about the music you make?”
  6. “How would you describe your experience performing at Rolling Loud 2022 in Miami.”
  7. “How do you want your music to be perceived? Just something to get hype to or to have a deeper meaning?”
  8. “What would be your dream place to perform at?”
  9. “Where do you see this group heading in 5 years?”
  10. “What do you love most about being apart of Barely Legal?”

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