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After learning more about how to properly interview a subject, I’ve been considering people I know who I’d like to interview. A dear friend of mine, Andres Tavares or “Kid Dre” is a part of a local hip-hop group named “Barely Legal Collective”. They’ve put on their own local shows around Tampa and St. Petersburg, as well as performed at Rolling Loud Miami 2022. I’ve known Andres since high school, and it’s been amazing watching him and his group gain popularity and express their creativity in their music. I think an interview with him would be interesting and inspiring. Some questions I’d like to ask are “What inspired you to create this group?”, “How does your family feel about the music you make?”, “Who or what has been your biggest inspiration to make music?”, “Who came up with the idea to create this group?” and “What do you enjoy the most about being a part of this group?”


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