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Hello everyone! My name is Alaina and I’ve started this website, CyberGirl, to blog about all the things I’m interested in, a lifestyle blog if you will. I don’t want to limit myself to select topics, but I do plan on discussing my hobbies which include (but are not limited to): reading, rollerskating, crocheting, astrology, fashion, movie or tv show reviews and restaurant reviews! I’d like to post about books I’m currently reading, fashion trends I’m currently into and things of that nature. I came up with the name CyberGirl as an ode to internet culture. I have spent a lot of time consuming media online and most of the inspiration I’ve gotten that fuels my hobbies has come from the internet. I feel like it’s a fun name that isn’t attached to any specific topic but captures my essence perfectly. I’m looking forward to seeing where this blog takes me!


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